Solar Lights For Those In Need

The Help for Dominica team previously highlighted the need for solar lighting in our blog “Solar Lights For Dominica” That need is still ongoing with many homes and area still without power, and the next Hurricane season fast approaching. We were happy to recently receive a donation of 200 Luminaid lights purchased through fundraising efforts by Patti McInerney shown here at one of the schools she volunteered in before Maria struck, and also thanks to Axel Auguiste and Kalinago Relief International for assisting with distribution in the Kalinago territory.

Children with solar lights

Castle Bruce and Kalinago territory are, like many others, in desperate need, so the Luminaid lights were allocated to be distributed in these two areas. This distribution was headed by our co-founder Sandra Watkin, assisted by many of the younger village children who were happy to volunteer their help.

Luminaid lights for elderly and vulnerable

The refuge for elderly and vulnerable in Castle Bruce was especially grateful to receive their Luminaid lights. This refuge is providing shelter for those still homeless after Hurricane Maria and to have solar lights during the long dark evenings and nights brings a lot of comfort to them. There is also a safety need for lighting especially for those who are elderly, disabled or vulnerable and will greatly improve their situation.

lady receiving solar light
Hassie receiving solar light

Luminaid Lights For The Young

The younger ones also appreciate the Luminaid lights which we distributed throughout schools in these two areas. Now these children can not only be safe in the darkness, but also it enables them to keep up with school or course work at home during the evenings.

children receiving solar lights

And here is the youngest recipient so far of our Luminaid lights!

Baby receiving solar light

Help us send more Luminaid lights

Our UK team headed by co-founder Brenda Vidal and Dominique Carbon are currently working towards sending our next container to Dominica. The container pictured being loaded here in UK is on it’s way and will arrive in Dominica 1st April.

picture of container

After seeing our photos and updates on Facebook, we have been inundated with requests for Luminaid lights from many other areas, and would like to send more. For those of you who want to know more about Luminaid lights please see their website

We are planning to send our next container from UK in May and are looking to do more fundraising events, as besides the cost of Luminaid lights and other items we will send, the shipping costs also need to be met.

If you would like to help, please see the donate button on our website, or email us on our contact form.

Let’s do all we can to provide Dominica with light for as many as possible!

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