Many puppies and dogs have been seriously injured in Dominica, caused by the passage of hurricane Maria. Puppies are dying due to disease, lack of veterinary support and medicines.  And with people focusing on the urgent need to rebuild their damaged homes before next hurricane season, there is little time or money to spare to care for the needs of these, as treatments and veterinary care is beyond the means of many people. 

Sandra, co-founder of Help for Dominica, has 4 dogs herself and has been assisting with the rescue, care and re-homing of many puppies and dogs in her local area. She recently hand reared these 3 cute puppies when the mother died soon after giving birth. They are all now in loving homes.

Dominica Puppies
Feeding Dominica Puppies


Many of the local village children have tried to take care of the abandoned puppies. They are responsible and loving, but have no access to treatments and were keen to learn how they can help. Sandra spent some time teaching them how to treat these cute puppies for ticks, fleas, worming and other basic needs, as untreated puppies may cause health problems for children

Treating Dominca Puppies
Cute Dominica Dogs
Treating Dominica Puppies 2


After a successful day in the village treating and finding homes for these cute puppies, there were 2 puppies which still needed extra care. Sandra took them home and made an enclosure to nurse them back to health away from her own 4 dogs. After only a few days they were on their way to full health. The white one now has a new home to go to, but the black one needs a little longer in Sandra’s care.

Cute Dominica Dogs 2
Treating Dominica Puppies 3


After the advice and help from Sandra, the village children were quick to learn and are doing a great job in looking out for the many cute puppies they find abandoned. Even the youngest ones are keen to give love and attention when a puppy is found to be in need of help.

Cute Dominica Puppy

But much more help is needed as Sandra has been funding this herself and cannot look after the needs of every dog or puppy. She is getting daily messages asking for help, but is fully occupied with our Aid relief and arts and crafts projects. If she could get supplies to the village they can care for their own dogs better and alleviate the need for her to spend so much time there herself. There are plans to start a project on the island to care for this problem, there is land in place and hopefully there will be news on this soon. Meanwhile, if you would like to assist Sandra in the work she is doing please consider making a donation, no matter how small, every little helps!

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  1. Wayne Shaw 17th March 2018 at 7:31 pm - Reply

    All at HFD are doing so much to assist the very people who need help the most. Since the hurricane so much has been achieved but we have a long way to go. Families are still without the basics like electricity and water. Some still have no roofs on their houses or no house at all and they are living in make shift accommodation. It is not just humans who are in trouble, the animals are suffering as well. Injured, sick and abandoned animals are now common. I have witnessed all this with my own eyes. Please support HFD and the just giving page to support the animals who rely on us humans.

    Ultimately we are trying to open a dog ranch where these stray animals can start a normal life. We have the land donated to us but we need funds to keep this dream going. Please support HFD and the animals who need your help Thank you for your support. Love!

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