I am often asked, “why did you and John pick Dominica?

We were looking to move from France, where we had lived for 5 happy years, due to increasing costs and reducing pensions. I wanted to move to Scotland, but John hates the cold. John wanted the Caribbean, but I wasn’t a fan of tropical climates. We saw Dominica on the TV, where they described it as the nature island, having “cool inland areas” – a good compromise!

As soon as our plane flew over the island, we KNEW it was where we were going to settle next. It was love at first sight.


We soon saw why it’s known as the nature island, wiithin the 29 x 16 miles, there were so many different topographies to chose from…

Trafalgar – cool and green and reminiscent of the English Lake district

Wotten Waven – with thermal springs and sulphur spas

Interior – rainforested areas with huge trees and waterfalls

West Coast – with clean calm seas and snorkelling.

Warner – High and dry with cool breezes and amazing views

East Coast – with dramatic coastlines and huge rivers.

So after 3 visits, we settled with our 4 dogs in the, in an area 3 miles inland from Castle Bruce, with its stunning beach and gorgeous river, and for 5 years, we lived on the edge of a rainforest off-grid and in peaceful seclusion. Just over 3 years ago, we moved 1 mile down to the road – again next to forest, on a one acre plot between the river and road. But we had electricity. We love where we live. When it rains too much, we can drive in 5 minutes down to the Castle Bruce Beach (where it rains a lot less), or we can drive for 45 minutes to the West Coast where we can swim in calm seas.

I am sure many Countries share many of the same natural phenomena and friendly people, but to find all this in a country so small that you could visit nearly everything in one day is surely unusual and the reason it is known as the nature island.

And the land is so fertile – abundant with food (if you know what to look for), and fruit trees and flowers. We are still fascinated by the various wildlife, the hummingbirds, parrots, little frogs, snakes and lizards.

I think Dominica is like Marmite. You either love it or hate it, and despite various challenges, John and I really do love this little tropical island.


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    Thanks for choosing Dominica

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